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"Stanson’s combination with Premier will help us expand and scale CDS to reach more physicians, and enable providers to standardize care delivery around optimal and evidence-based healthcare processes." - Dr. Scott Weingarten, MD, MPH | Stanson Health Co-Founder and CEO

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Taking Costs and Waste Out of Your System

Improving Care One Order at a Time

Clients we serve operate 342 hospitals with more than 108,000 providers accounting for more than $97 billion in care delivered annually.

Stanson is a CDS Toolkit for Payment Reform

We can help you with ARRA, PQRS, MA Star, MACRA, PAMA, CJR, CARA, Cardiac Bundles

next-gen CDS with the Stanson platform

Optimize CDS with Closed-Loop Analytics

Clinical Decision Support

Stanson’s clinical rules and alerts are built and maintained by a skilled group of dedicated healthcare professionals and informaticists. Our content team has deep expertise in translating clinical guidelines into context-aware, real-time alerts seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow.

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Homegrown Alerts

Many healthcare organizations have taken first steps towards building a library of clinical decision support. However, as the library grows, most struggle with ongoing maintenance, curation, and optimization.


Stanson Decision Support Library

Stanson provides a well-tested and clinically proven library of alerts coupled with a best-in-class CDS analytics platform. We give you the content, tools, and expertise you need to efficiently maintain a highly impactful CDS environment.

CDS Is Just the Beginning


When it comes to monitoring your CDS, whose time can you afford to waste? Unmonitored alerts can waste your clinicians’ time with irrelevant or broken content. Manual monitoring is time consuming for your IT staff. Stanson Analytics gives you the tools you need to easily and efficiently maintain your alerting environment and uses cutting edge technology to find insights not available anywhere else.

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How Can Stanson Improve Care at Your Organization?


By using Stanson content and analytics, healthcare organizations around the country are experiencing improved care and dramatic cost savings

More Reasons to Choose Stanson

One hospital saved more than


with the help of Stanson products

A single intervention from stanson health helped one hospital prevent

  • 20
    related injuries
  • 9
    ed visits
  • 3
  • 2
    deaths from falls

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