Stanson Mission

Measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care while reducing the cost of care by enabling context-specific information integrated into the provider workflow
Stanson Health’s products are designed to reduce low-value and unnecessary care. We leverage real-time alerts and relevant analytics to guide and influence physician’s decisions. When coupled with clinical content focused on safe cost reduction (“don’t do” content), we can deliver the most effective cost reducing CDS available on the market today.

Transition to risk-based payment requires a greater focus on reducing costs

As the healthcare landscape evolves, organizations must find ways to reduce costs – without sacrificing quality of care – to remain competitive.

Unnecessary or inappropriate care accounts for a significant amount of the overall healthcare spend (1). Furthermore, greater than 80% of overall healthcare costs are directly linked to decisions made by physicians (2).

With this in mind, Stanson assists organizations in preparing for global or shared risk by targeting the significant opportunity to reduce costs by providing physicians clinical decision support aimed at reducing or eliminating unnecessary care.

Effective decision support requires engagement at the point of care

Studies show that physicians are enthusiastic about reducing unnecessary care and overwhelmingly endorse the use of clinical guidelines. The key is to deliver the right decision support at the right time: at the point of care. Decision support which is seamlessly and automatically integrated into the provider workflow is 112 times more likely to have an impact (3).

Unlike other forms of CDS, alerts are patient specific and easy to access

Unfortunately, not all forms of CDS are equally effective. In fact, only real-time alerts embedded into the workflow are both precise and available at all times.

Evidence-based, physician-designed logic drives Stanson alerts, ensuring that an alert will only fire when the patient meets a specific profile and will offer recommendations relevant to the physician’s decision. Physicians do not need to alter their workflow to access pertinent recommendations because the system ensures that the alert will fire when appropriate.

In addition to the extensive clinical review process used to create Stanson alerts, all content is extensively vetted in a large, academic community hospital through a standardized process of implementation, testing, optimization, and redeployment. The logic and structure of each intervention is monitored, evaluated, and improved upon based on daily use by practicing physicians.