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Hartford HealthCare Partners with Stanson for Real-Time Clinical Decision Support, Analytics

Stanson Health, a next-generation Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and analytics company, today announced Hartford HealthCare will implement Stanson Health’s Clinical Decision Support and Stanson Analytics.

“With Stanson we saw an opportunity to help our clinicians make better, more appropriate treatment decisions for their patients during visits,” said Rocco Orlando, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Hartford HealthCare. “Stanson Clinical Decision Support will analyze ordering provider treatment choices in real-time, in our electronic health record and when appropriate suggest evidence-based recommendations to ensure better outcomes for our patients at a lower cost. In addition, internal and external benchmarks provided by their analytics will give our providers a sense of how well they compare to others.”

Stanson is leading the health technology movement from systems that report historical data to systems that provide clinicians patient-specific, real-time advice at the point of care. This technology supports every patient visit – giving health systems the ability to have an immediate, significant impact. Stanson makes it easy for providers to make better treatment decisions for their patients in real time.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Hartford HealthCare team,” said Jeremy Orr, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Stanson Health. “Hartford’s vision for high quality, efficient patient care aligns well with ours at Stanson. Influencing clinician decision making at the point of care is what we do best. We are confident Hartford will benefit from our evidence-based, clinically validated protocols almost immediately. Stanson analytics will also enable Hartford to optimize their entire CDS environment and understand how providers are engaging with each rule.”

Stanson helps health system executives reduce care variation and align clinicians with health system strategy. This benefits the patient, provider and the system. Customers are supported with their fee for service business and their journey to value-based care.

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