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Transition to Stanson, With 1st Year at No Cost*.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) requirement for advanced imaging services will start impacting your reimbursements on January 1, 20231.

“Stanson's CDS technology integrates directly into our EHR workflow, providing our clinicians with best practices and guidance around ordering imaging studies at the point of order entry."

Dr. James Hellewell, Intermountain Healthcare

“With Stanson Health, you get excellent customer service, prompt responses, an amazing support team and a great PAMA product.”

Dawn-Marie Rogers, MD - Chief Medical Information Officer, Memorial Healthcare System

“We knew the architecture of their PAMA solution, and it was designed to be minimalist as it pertained to acquiring data from the user. We thought this was a major advantage for us.”

Dr. Mark Binstock, Chief Medical Information Officer

“The PAMA solution provides fewer alerts overall making hospitalists and ambulatory physicians more satisfied. Stanson is a great team to work with.”

Richard Schreiber, MD - Chief Medical Information Officer, Geisinger

See our innovative solution in action.

It’s Helpful for Providers …Not Just Required.

Consider Making the Change to Stanson’s PAMA:

There is still time to make the change to Stanson Health’s PAMA solution to help transition to a smart clinical decision support (CDS) experience that is helpful, not burdensome, to providers.  More than 300,000 providers meet the mandate with Stanson’s PAMA solution, a Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM), fully qualified by CMS, that can help meet the appropriate use criteria (AUC).2  Our PAMA solution is designed to deliver high performing CDS with few interruptive alerts, to help avoid penalties, and simplify implementation. That’s why our customers describe the PAMA solution as a smart tool, that is top-notch, and well-done.


It’s Not Too Late

We have expertise in transitioning from a legacy solution and can help guide your teams and support the switch with minimal to no interruption.


It’s Easy to Implement

Our implementation team will partner with you to offer a tailored project plan for your implementation transition including mapping, building and testing all while your legacy solution is running in the background.

It Does More Than Check a Box

While it does satisfy the PAMA requirement, our innovative PAMA solution, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), helps the provider through guided clinical decision care support through the EHR workflow, helping improve quality and cost of care with an easy and intuitive user experience for providers.

Providers: Now is the Time to Move

Move your organization away from an indications-based (picklist) offering and transition to a smart CDS approach using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). We want to help during these tough financial times, so we are waiving PAMA subscription fees for the first year when you transition from a legacy solution*.

Key Features of Stanson’s PAMA Solution

Seamless, Workflow-tailored EHR Integration

EHR-integrated CDS app enables users to easily identify and take action on recommendations with minimal disruption

Proven Content

High-quality, multidisciplinary content that supports initiatives beyond imaging, including Choosing Wisely, MACRA, CJR and CARA

Efficient Management of AUC from Any Source

Rapid implementation and efficient management of content for any service (imaging, labs, meds) from any source

Comprehensive CDS Analytics

Closed–loop analytics enables continual refinement of the CDS and optimization of the CDS environment, including evaluation of homegrown embedded alerts, medication alerts and order sets

Frustrated With Your Current PAMA Solution?

If youprovider and IT teams are frustrated with your legacy solution, then connect with one of our PAMA experts today to talk about your transition.   

* Three-year contract required with no subscription fees payable for first year. Please see contract for full terms and conditions.

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  1. Appropriate Use Criteria Program (November 2021). Available at Accessed: February 1, 2022.
  2. Information accurate as of publication on February 4, 2022 and based on active PAMA customers since 2018.