Protecting Access to Medicare Act
(PAMA) Imaging CDS Mandate​
Beginning January 1st of 2021, Medicare Part B reimbursement for advanced imaging services will require evidence of use of qualified clinical decision support.
Stanson’s CDS prepares your organization for the PAMA imaging CDS mandate as well as many additional payment reform initiatives.
Key features of
Stanson’s PAMA solution
Seamless, Workflow-Tailored EHR Integration
EHR-integrated CDS app enables users to easily identify and take action on recommendations with minimal disruption
Proven Content
High-quality, multidisciplinary content that supports initiatives beyond imaging, including Choosing Wisely, MACRA, CJR, and CARA
Efficient Management of AUC from Any Source
Rapid implementation and efficient management of content for any service (imaging, labs, meds) from any source
Comprehensive CDS Analytics
Closed–loop analytics enables continual refinement of the CDS and optimization of the CDS environment, including evaluation of homegrown embedded alerts, medication alerts, and order sets

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