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Stanson Health Next-generation Cloud-Based CDS and PAMA-compliant CDSM at AMDIS 2018 Annual Meeting in Ojai, CA

Stanson Health will be showcasing our next-generation Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solution at AMIDS’ 27th annual Physician-Computer Connection Symposium, June 19-22, 2018.

Stanson Health helps clinicians align with health system strategy by translating organizational goals into behavior changes at the point of care. Stanson hardwires evidence-based interventions into the clinical workflow, providing clinicians with real-time, patient-specific best practices at the point of care.

Coupled with Stanson’s comprehensive analytics, organizations are able to identify care gaps to ensure patients are getting necessary interventions while identifying inappropriate variations in care, preventing potential harm, and significantly reducing unnecessary cost and waste. The overall clinician experience is improved by offering guidance when and where it is most needed while at the same time minimizing alert fatigue through Stanson’s continuous analysis and optimization processes.

Stanson content is derived from reputable and authoritative sources including the ABIM Foundation’s Choosing Wisely initiative, MIPS, MA Stars, HCC, and other major medical society guidelines. All Stanson CDS is tested, validated, and optimized in a care delivery “wet lab” in both inpatient and ambulatory practice environments.

Stanson also offers clinical pathway content from Intermountain Care Process Models for Proven Imaging. Decision tree “click throughs” and double documentation are avoided by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to leverage information already in the EMR. Further, clinical guidance is provided during the cognitive workflow at the point of ordering.

Stanson has received Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) certification as a compliant decision support mechanism with Qualified Provider-Led Entity (qPLE) content for the CMS appropriate use of imaging mandate.

The Stanson team will be demonstrating our PAMA advanced imaging solution at AMDIS. Please join us for our session and if you are interested in learning how our team might be able to specifically help your organization, send an email to to schedule a time to meet with the Stanson team in Ojai, CA.

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