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Stanson Health Partners with Inova to Improve Quality and Reduce Spending via EHR-CDS and Analytics

Stanson Health, a next-generation Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and analytics company, today announced a strategic partnership with Inova Health System in which Inova has installed Stanson Health Clinical Decision Support and Stanson Analytics.

Inova is a not-for-profit healthcare system based in Northern Virginia that serves more than two million people each year from throughout the Washington, DC metro area and beyond. Inova hospitals include more than 1,700 licensed beds and 16,000 employees. Inova is a thought leader and pioneer in delivering Precision Medicine, combining data, analytics, and best-practices to make the best decisions for patients in real time at the point of care.

“Inova will use Stanson CDS and analytics so our physicians can make the best treatment decisions for our patients – better patient outcomes and decreased utilization of medications and procedures that have been shown not to add value.,” said Dr. Neal Chawla, Associate CMIO and Associate CMO for Clinical Effectiveness at Inova Health System. “Stanson’s tools read patient-specific information in real-time and suggest opportunities for better care – right within the workflow of our EHR. We can then analyze these interactions in the background to optimize over time. This is really helping our physicians bring together the best-available medical knowledge at the point of care and apply it to individual patients.”

Jeremy Orr, Stanson Chief Medical Officer, said, “Precision medicine (PM) is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, practices, and products tailored to the individual patient. We believe our work at Stanson, providing highly patient and context specific evidence based recommendations, is an important first step toward Precision Medicine. Inova will be a critical partner for Stanson moving forward.”

“We are very pleased that Inova is joining our community of client health systems,“ said Rick Adam, Stanson President. “We are committed to assisting them is succeeding with new payment models and other regulatory mandates.”

Stanson Health, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is leading the way in developing next- generation Clinical Decision Support solutions. Stanson provides EHR-integrated realtime alerts optimized for use in the physician’s clinical workflow. Combined with relevant analytics, Stanson solutions safely guide physician decisions toward the elimination of unnecessary or inappropriate care and help improve the quality of care. Stanson clients operate more than 123 hospitals with more than 35,000 providers.

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